Generation P, a Satirical Look at New Russia

With an admirable attempt to make a comedy about a challenged Russia the movie Generation P gets a little overboard on the satire.  Although I like the quirky script, I don’t believe there will be a huge audience for the comic spoof mainly because of America’s lack of knowledge about Russia’s aversion for capitalism. For die hard indie fans however, this is your cup of ‘Mushroom’ soup.

It’s post-soviet capitalistic Russia and we find people doing odd jobs in order to keep afloat in the new world that has been handed to them.  A woman sells Snicker bars on the street from a blanket laid down to guard her space from others who may want to nudge into her special spot.  Others sell anything they can but with Babylen Tatarsky (Vladimir Yepifantsev) a poet of sorts, his income comes from a cigarette stand living off the meager income he makes from the Russian Mob owned Kiosk where he works. Read more