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  • Hardcore Henry,  a Mind Blowing Experience

    Hardcore Henry, a Mind Blowing Experience0

      Introducing a first person perspective cinematography non-stop action film that’s thoroughly mind-blowing. Hardcore Henry gets so staggering that you may want to take along a barf bag or at least take a Dramamine at least an hour before entering the theater. The film movies along so fast and furious that I found myself holding

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane, An Eerie Addictive Sequel

    10 Cloverfield Lane, An Eerie Addictive Sequel0

      Being that 10 Cloverfield Lane has been touted as a sequel to the 2008 release of Cloverfield, I thought we would find ourselves where the action thriller left off. Well I was pleasantly surprised that this chapter surrounds a mystery that had me spellbound from the creative opening to the Cloverfield tie-in. It’s an

  • Elysium A Sci-Fi Thriller

    Elysium A Sci-Fi Thriller0

    With an amazing space station circling the globe  outer space takes on a new look in the exciting sci-fi adventure Elysium now in theaters.  Well acted, directed, designed and filmed the movie gets right into the meat of the story and puts viewers in the middle of the action.  Fast paced and exciting Elysium closes