“The Hero” Touching and Sincere

Another touching and sincere indie film, The Hero reaches out and grabs you while it plays to your heartstrings. Star of the film, Sam Elliott is such a good actor his performance alone has enough worth for a trip to a theater to watch him perform on the big screen. But you will get far more in the direction and writing of Brett Haley who paces the film in a way that intrigues while it entertains. Read more

“Author: The JT LeRoy Story” a Wacky Look at a Wacky Life



This wild and wacky documentary on the life of author Laura Albert, Author: The JT LeRoy Story, gets complicated, showy, impudent and irreverent and that just the first half. But, that’s the beauty of this offbeat, nonsensical biography told by Laura Albert herself. Unless you travel in book writing circles, you may not know the celebrity of the writer who earned her fame using multiple impostors and through a stroke of luck. In fact, she’s even accused of a mental multiple personality disorder in her quest to pull off one of the biggest hoax’s in the literary business. Read more

“Nerve”, It’s a Game You Dare Not Play

NERVE 2 poster


Targeted at teens the movie Nerve sets up a very dangerous game that involves taking huge chances and cheating death. The film has adequate acting and able direction, but the storyline does have elements of the impossible. While it’s just a movie to create thrills and suspense, it’s kind of fun to watch, especially the risky scenes involving the dares. Read more

The Boss, a Hilarious Comedy about Finding Family

the boss POSTER


Not a classic but a very funny and bawdy Melissa McCarthy turns up the heat in The Boss. She’s way over the top in this parody on making it to the highest level of the business ladder. Filled with a lot of sight gags, rude wisecracks and off color language it’s a wild and witty nonstop laugh-a-thon. McCarthy’s at her best much like her performance in Spy, but this time it’s taking down her adversary in the business world. Read more

Boulevard, Facing a Dark Secret



One of Robin Williams’s last motion pictures has come to Blu-ray. It’s called Boulevard and takes on a dark secret that his character has from the past. Nicely filmed and directed the movie catches you off guard in the beginning then slowly tells its unusual tale. If you are a film buff it’s a must see, for others it’s an acquired taste in subject matter. The film is now available on Blu-ray and DVD for home viewing. Read more

Last of Robin Hood, a Tell-all Bio


Based on direct interviews with Beverly Aadland, the last woman in the life of Errol Flynn, The Last of Robin Hood has been released for the screen.  Researched, written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland the movie is a “tell all” about the last two years of Flynn’s impulsive life and his two closest women.  While the movie does reveal most of the sordid details, the shock value doesn’t come off the screen.

Read more

Wanderlust, a Wacky Comedy

With not a lot of wacky romance films in theaters Wanderlust may be the right ticket for you and your date.  Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it’s still passable, especially if you aren’t critical of stories that are a bit goofier than the ordinary. The script gets obsessive in a brazen kind of way with some scenes even kicking it up a notch.  But, if it’s an icebreaker you want or just a way to add time to a first date, then you can do worse than Wanderlust.

George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) have hit the bottom of the barrel when the two find themselves without an income to support their existence in their New York City environment.  Under great stress due to George’s recent job loss, they head to Atlanta where his brother Rick (Ken Marino) has offered him a job.  Their non-stop 900-mile road trip develops into many sing-a-longs, a testy temperament and then just plain driving fatigue. Read more