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  • “Den Of Thieves” Is A Room Without A View

    “Den Of Thieves” Is A Room Without A View0

    “We just shoot you. Less paperwork.” Most of us like a good heist film. It’s fun to watch clever crooks work out complicated plans and then execute them. It’s not hard to root for the crooks if they’re likable enough characters. With me I almost have a kind of reluctant respect for criminals who are

  • “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate

    “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate0

    Most everyone who has lived 1980’s through today has either heard of the figure skater Tonya Harding or maybe followed the antics she took to the Olympics in 1994. Or just google Tonya Harding and you’ll get the drift of what happened. But, how many of you know the “truth” according to her book “I,

  • “Crown Heights” a True Story of Injustice

    “Crown Heights” a True Story of Injustice0

    This true story aims straight at the heart with a compassionate delivery of one of America’s anomalies, wrongly convictions for a crime. According to the film 2.4 million people are in prison and an estimate 120,000 are innocent. Quite a statement don’t you think? The movie drama Crown Heights follows one such innocent convict showing

  • Madame Bovary, An Old Spin on Adultery

    Madame Bovary, An Old Spin on Adultery0

      Lavishly filmed showing all the beauty and dreariness of 1800’s France, the film Madame Bovary is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. This production marks at least the sixth time the film has been brought to the big screen and TV. Not much different in story as the 2000 release starring Frances O’Connor as the