The Surface, Trapped at Sea



An inspirational drama The Surface comes to Home Video with very good acting and a different kind of story. The movie takes a look at the lives of two men and how they have to come to terms with their past. Directed by Gil Cates Jr. with script written by Jeff Gendelman the central theme is about despair and overcoming difficult odds at sea. The DVD has special extras that are well worth the watch. Read more

Two Mothers, a Roadblock in their Lifestyle

Two Mothers Key Art


The foreign film Two Mothers (“Zwei Mutter”) couldn’t have had a better releasing time in the United States with gay marriage being approved in several states. The film now on DVD follows a lesbian married couple and their determination of have a child. The acting is exceptionally good and the direction rises to above par. What it lacks in storyline the film makes up in character empathy. Read more

Beloved Sisters, a Stunning Tableau with a Captivating Story

BELOVED poster


Based on true facts the gorgeous period piece Beloved Sisters provides a sweeping canvas of romance and aristocratic life during the late 1700s Germany. The light drama delves into a period in the life of poet Friedrich Schiller who became enamored with the Lengefeld sisters that lived Germany’s upper class. If you like to indulge in long nicely written films with amazing vistas, picturesque estates, lavish costumes, ageless music and early century lifestyles, then this film is your cup of tea. Read more

Housebound, Humorous Horror on DVD



Now here’s a horror flick on DVD that has the right mix of scary and comical elements. It’s called Housebound and its wild, wicked and a “scream”. Although the cast is not popular in the USA, they’re as talented and enjoyable to watch. Nice direction by Gerard Johnstone who keeps the thrills coming and the gory details up close and “dead” on. You don’t have to be a shock freak to enjoy it, but you may want someone close that will enjoy a few laughs with all the mayhem. Read more

Drive Hard, a Wacky Road Trip

drive hard bozart


Taking you on a ride around Australia, the low budget action comedy film Drive Hard actually delivers fun entertainment on DVD.  The movie has some very good cinematography of the Down Under, able direction and madcap acting by Thomas Jane and John Cusack.  I had a lot of fun watching it, and if you like this sort of wild road movie, then it’s your cup of tea. Read more

The Outrageous Sophie Tucker, a Walk Down Memory Lane

sophie tucker



“I believe in tit for tat. And it that’s the case, someone owes me a lot of tat” -Sophie Tucker. The last of the red-hot mamas, Tucker had a long entertainment career that started in Vaudeville and worked its way into TV. Now in theaters, her career biography The Outrageous Sophie Tucker is a documentary film that tells all. Read more

Venus in Fur, a Seductive Tryst on a Stage

VENUS boxart


You really don’t have to be a legitimate theatre aficionado to enjoy Venus In Fur, a movie based on a Tony Award-winning Broadway play by David Ives. Directed and written for the screen by Roman Polanski, the hypnotic film draws you in and holds you tight till the very seductive and twisted ending. Its tour de force acting by two of the world’s consummate actors, Emmanuelle Seigner and Mathieu Amalric that alone are worth the watch. Read more

Witching & Bitching, a Hilarious Horror Thriller

WITCHING Boxart sized


If you are looking for a comedy with horror on DVD for a get together with friends on Halloween, check out Witching & Bitching. It’s very raunchy, gross and gory, but if you like rude, crude and unglued then this film’s perfect for an adult party. The film plays out in Spanish with English subtitles, but don’t let that bother you. The visuals are so funny and wacky it’s worth a little reading while you watch. Read more

Devil Incarnate, a Devilish Honeymoon



Sometimes what looks like a class project, The Devil Incarnate should have been a class project.  This very low budget horror flick looses it’s scary early on, wanders a bit and gets highly predictable.  Now on DVD, you really have to be a diehard terror fan to get a charge out of this movie.

The film opens with the story of a 1500’s rape of a woman who accepts a witch’s amulet curse to summon a daemon that will destroy her attackers in exchange for her baby. She goes back on her promise to the daemon and gets cursed with infertility. She raises the baby and he inherits the amulet and the story behind it.  Flash forward to modern day and we find a young woman in a room being questioned by police. She tells the following story. Read more

The Liberator, the Anatomy of a Chivalrous Man



Taking a step back into the history of South America a docudrama on the life of Simon Bolivar, one of the continent’s most love emancipators comes to the screen.  The historical film The Liberator has very good production value, able direction and memorable acting.  Packed with pomp, circumstance, awesome vistas and action packed scenes, the movie delivers a spectacle of rebellion and adversity. Read more

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, A Gore Fest

CABIN box art 1


The flesh eating virus expands to a deserted island in this third spinoff terror film Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. This episode has some fairly good acting ability, able direction and a plot that should satisfy most horror fans.  Now on DVD for the first time, the movie shows well on a home entertainment system.  It’s one of those guilty pleasure films that deliver best in a darkened room, your favorite libation and a honey to squeeze when the shocking guts and gore start to fly. It’s the kick-off to a selection of Halloween treats. Read more

“Aftermath” a Nuclear Horror Flick



Latching on to the premise that what if the USA were to be attacked by a Middle Eastern country that uses atomic bombs, the film Aftermath has come to Blu-ray/DVD.  The story begins with a realistic premise and then turns the result into survival mode when a Texas town faces the unbelievable event.  If you like action films that tell a morbid future, then this film should fit right into your home library. Read more

“Varsity Blood” Death to a Cheer Skirt



Making a good horror flick is a science today with all the competitors wanting to get into the action to make some bucks from this genre’s massive fan base.  It has gotten so competitive, that all those who have tried to work their magic on a low budget using novice actors, mediocre sets, cheesy special effects and a trite script have most often failed. Unfortunately this is the case with Varsity Blood and for me it was hurtful to watch.  Direct to DVD, the movie has only value to budding filmmakers that want to watch it for what not to do. Read more

“The Last Sentence” an Act of Selfless Bravery



The pen is mightier than the sword as proven in WWII when journalist Torgny Segerstedt stood up against the Nazis.  The Swedish film The Last Sentence tells the true story of a man who defied Hitler and convinced Sweden’s prime minister to not cave in to the evil Nazi Empire that was taking over Scandinavia.  Even a greater achievement since his editor was Jewish, this biography holds testament that heroism comes in many ways. Read more

“Jesse” a Gutsy Crime Film

Jesse BOXART 1


Working with a tough stunt woman and WWE wrestler for his lead, writer and director Fred Carpenter delivers a hardnosed crime film called Jesse to home video.  The storyline may be a little hackneyed and bruised from overuse, but the performances by two central characters are well played.  If you are into crime films that involve mafia type characters that get very rough and violent, then you’ll win with this gutsy film now on DVD.   Read more