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  • “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad

    “The Millionaires’ Unit” a Visionary Squad0

    There are many different kinds of documentaries, ones that feature a biography of someone or group, others that cover historical events like wars, the opening of king Tuts tomb for example, and hundreds of topics. The documentary The Millionaires’ Unit takes you back to a forgotten hero group that helped America during World War I.

  • 12 Strong Engages Our Demons From 9/11

    12 Strong Engages Our Demons From 9/110

    “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires.” You will hear it said several times throughout 12 Strong: For over 2000 years invaders and conquerors throughout history have attempted to bring the mountainous country under a foreign flag. The Russians had been the latest power to attempt to fight there, and in the 1980’s that war quickly

  • “The Last Face” Countries Under Seige

    “The Last Face” Countries Under Seige0

    “Ten years apart, the Liberian civil war of 2003 and the ongoing conflict within South Sudan today, share a singular brutality of corrupted innocence. A corruption of innocence only known to the West, by any remotely common degree through the brutality of an impossible love shared by a man and a woman” the film’s opening

  • “Dunkirk” Nolan Depicts Tragic Battle

    “Dunkirk” Nolan Depicts Tragic Battle0

    During World War II prior to the Americans joining the European part of the War the French and English were pushed back to the sea near the city of Dunkirk. Their only conclusion was to evacuate across the channel quickly and try to avoid the onslaught of the German aerial warfare (Luftwaffe). Dunkirk depicts the struggle

  • “Megan Leavey” Saving a Dog of War

    “Megan Leavey” Saving a Dog of War0

    Review by Gino Sassani Armies have been using dogs in battle for thousands of years. The Romans would turn the dogs on their enemy as a signal of the approaching legions, hence the expression “Let loose the dogs of war”. But in recent decades dogs have found a new, perhaps more noble calling during wartime.

  • “The Wall” A Crushing Psychological War Drama

    “The Wall” A Crushing Psychological War Drama0

      A mesmerizing true story that makes you cringe, wince and shudder, The Wall takes you into the backyard of Iraq at the end of the war. Well-acted and directed the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from the opening sequence to the gut wrenching ending. Much like the film The American