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  • A Plague so Pleasant, Living with the Undead

    A Plague so Pleasant, Living with the Undead0

      Finally a different kind of Zombie movie that, although low budget, really has a different kind of plot. It’s called A Plague so Pleasant and tells a wild and weird tale of surviving in a different kind of setting than the usual. Nicely acted and directed the movie treats the viewer to all the

  • The Walking Deceased, a Zombie Invasion

    The Walking Deceased, a Zombie Invasion0

      Mixing comedy with horror the film The Walking Deceased combines the genres in an attempt to attract the younger crowd. Now on DVD the film makes a good attempt, but the low budget, novice direction and amateur acting fails to entertain. The production starts out on the right foot, but they try to spoof

  • Zombieworld, a Grisly Horror Flick

    Zombieworld, a Grisly Horror Flick0

      Stick with this DVD called Zombieworld as it gets better as it goes along. A perfect feature for the budding make-up and special effects artists and all those who just love to see Zombies splattered and dismembered. At first I thought it was just another rude, crude and silly take off on the undead,

  • Warm Bodies, My Date With a Zombie (Film Review)

    Warm Bodies, My Date With a Zombie (Film Review)0

      A nice job with a Romeo and Juliet theme, Warm Bodies shows what an imaginative writer/director can do with a zombie love story.  The slick little romancer creates fun out of terror and sends a lot of subliminal messages. Perfect for teens to twenties, it’s the perfect modern day date movie with both sexes

  • Vampires vs. Zombies, Spike TV Live Event

    Vampires vs. Zombies, Spike TV Live Event0

    After an overwhelmingly positive response, which included strong ratings and online traffic, to the first-ever LIVE “Deadliest Warrior” special event in August, Spike TV’s hit series, “Deadliest Warrior” is upping the ante to cap off a groundbreaking third season with an even bigger, supersized, 2.5 hour LIVE finale event (#dwlive).