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Take Me Home Tonight, Check it Out!

Although it may be a little over the top, Take Me Home Tonight’s a comedy that delivers. Very funny and crammed with sight gags at most every turn, the film keeps the laughter rolling to its ridiculous ending. Much like the continuously changing turn of events in the film Superbad, Take Me Home Tonight is an equal winner. If you like innocence lost in your romance films then check it out tonight.

Matt (Topher Grace) and Barry (Dan Fogler) have girl trouble


The years at one of the top colleges in America have taken a toll on Matt Franklin (Topher Grace). Totally aimless from the recent ordeal he takes a part-time job at a video store in a California mall to the total dismay of his parents, twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and best friend Barry (Dan Fogler). One day Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer) his high school crush walks into his store while he’s adjusting the videos on a shelf. Making like he’s just a customer, Matt tells her he’s an employee of the competing company for which she works in order to impress her. When she invites him to a posh party the beginning of an unforgettable evening ensues.

The comedic timing of the actors as the result of excellent direction makes the simple plot work. It doesn’t matter that the story may be quite predictable because the reason to see this flick comes with the laughter it delivers. Much like Superbad where getting into the party comes with a series of lies to acquire the booze, the admission here comes with a number of escalating falsehoods that lead to the wacky situations Matt and Barry find themselves all in the pursuit of women.

Grace and Fogler put on a good show as the naïve 1980’s buddy team, but it’s Anna Faris that steals the show providing a cynical protective sister character that gets hysterical at times. Going into the film I had trepidations as to what Faris could bring to the table since her rolls have been mostly the same character performance. Here she turns the tables on skeptics like me by being one of the smart comedic tools in the chest.

Take Me Home Tonight is rated R for language, sexual content and drug use. It also has a very kinky scene that’s a little over the top for immature adults.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A creative romantic comedy that delivers. (B)

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