The Curse of Sleeping Beauty and the 5-Million Mile Drop

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This is not your mother’s Sleeping Beauty … The Curse of Sleeping Beauty has a perfect mix of magical beauty and scary thrills. I promise, you’ll never look at a mannequin quite the same again.


The film opens with Thomas Kaiser (Ethan Peck) having strange dreams about a beautiful young girl … and a scary, evil demonic creature. Soon afterward he learns that he has inherited a house and a chunk of property from his uncle (whom he’s never met).

Of course, once he goes to claim his inheritance, he quickly sees how run-down the house is … and that’s the best part of the deal. The entire house is full of creepy mannequins that are reminiscent of the Angels on Doctor Who.


To make things worse, Thomas’ dreams become more real and vivid once he moves into the decaying house … and sometimes he has a hard time determining the real world from the dream world.

The strange events within the house start to escalate on a grand scale. Knowing the house has been in his family’s possession since the Crusades only deepens the mystery that Thomas is determined to get to the bottom of.


To add insult to injury, with the house comes a curse — he can never leave the house or its property for too long lest he die and decay himself.

With the help of new friends Linda and Richard, Thomas dives into the forbidden areas of the house, treading deeper and deeper into the depths of a seemingly mannequin-filled Hell. And the deeper he goes, the more sinister the lifeless human-like plastics grow.


Even with all the harrowing events that take place, he is determined to help the young girl from his dreams, Briar Rose (India Eisley), and release her from the sleeping curse she is under. Of course to do this, he must defeat the evil guardian that dwells below his home through the gates that hold her captive.

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty actually unfolds in an interesting way in the beginning of the film. It has a good pace, the right suspenseful ingredients and enough mystery to keep you captivated to want to see more.


The lighting, mood and acting were well done, and the progression of the story takes off once Thomas moves into the house, at an accelerated rate. Once we get midway through the film things start to speed up too fast. It almost seemed like someone was shooting a scene one morning and said, “Oh crap, we’re mid-production and we are still at the beginning, let’s get moving.”

From there, we speed through what I thought was the middle of the movie … and of course at this point the audience discovers things aren’t necessarily what they seemed.


Certain confrontations with the guardian demon seem frivolous and slightly laughable … not very scary (and you’d think the big scary demon lord would be scarier than the minions right?).

And then the film jumped into …. oh wait …. there was no end. Just a very abrupt credit appearance before the screen went dark. Basically, the film stopped just when it reached the epicenter of the plotline. Ever DVR a TV Show and it stops just before the end of the show? Yea, felt something like that. It was a real WTF moment.

On the plus side, if you are a fan of cliff hangers with a 5-million mile drop, you’ll be excited by the possibility of a sequel.


The Curse of Sleeping Beauty opens in theaters and on VOD May 13, 2016, and iTunes on May 17, 2016.

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