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The Irrepressibles Set for US Release of Debut Mirror Mirror


London-based chamber pop band The Irrepressibles are finally ready to unleash their critically acclaimed debut album Mirror Mirror on us Yanks. Fans in their homeland across the pond have had an entire year since January 2010’s UK release of the album to enjoy the visionary sound of creative director/composer/lead vocalist Jamie McDermott’s ten-piece performance orchestra. Now it’s our turn, and as a taste of what’s to come we’ve got a sweet mp3 download of the track “Forget the Past” all ready for your clicking finger. Clickety click …


At first listen to “Forget the Past” we definitely hear where all the Anthony & The Johnson’s comparison’s are coming from. And although we are madly in love with Anthony, we have to say that The Irrepressible’s sound tends more towards the sweepingly epic (even in it’s simplest form) by contrast.

DOWNLOAD: “Forget the Past” by The Irrepressibles

We also have to be honest and tell you that it wasn’t until recently, when the upcoming single “In This Shirt” showed up on this season of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance in a very effectively mesmerizing Contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey that The Irrepressibles even showed up on our radar. Watch the vid of that lovely performance here.

We searched everywhere but couldn’t find a downloadable version of the song. Seems to be the case for quite a few of our American brethren. But, never fear, the Europe-touring, Circus short film-scoring, creatively sensational band is parting the curtains and allowing us a glimpse into their world. The single “In This Shirt” will be released next week, on June 27th with exclusive remixes via Beatport.


WATCH: The Irrepressibles’ – “In This Shirt” from the film The Forgotten Circus Directed by Shelly Love


Mirror Mirror is due out in America on August 9th with a Special Edition to be released on October 25th. That edition will include exclusive remixes from Röyksopp, Hercules & Love Affair, Zero 7 and others. In the meantime:

LISTEN: “The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt Remix” by Will T. Duffin

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