The Sound and the Shadow, Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The Sound and the Shadow recently released on Digital HD and On Demand. It’s an interesting little film that teaches a lesson while it entertains.

Harold (Joseph E. Murray) is a recluse who spends his days obsessing over audio devices, all while he records neighborhood sounds and eavesdrops on others from the sanctuary of his home.

A growing pile of bills leads him to rent out his garage to the energetic and inquisitive Ally (Mary Kate Wiles). As soon as Ally moves Pearl, in a young girl belonging to his neighbor, goes missing, Harold believes his recordings may hold clues to the case, but he does not tell the police about them.

Ally is determined to figure out who “killed” Pearl — and she is positive it is the father. Harold on the other hand thinks its the crazy pigeon neighbor next door. Both work together to get to the truth and find the missing girl’s body.

With Harold’s intense allergies and phobias, Harold and Ally tend to have a push and pull relationship throughout the entire film, and Ally is always pushing Harold across the very determined lines he has set for himself.

The beginning of the film moves at a very slow pace … so slow in fact I was able to work while watching and not really miss a beat. About half-way through the film however, things start getting more interesting and it’s at that point where you really want to pay attention.

Both Joseph and Mary Kate do a great great portraying their characters. They allow each of their characters to learn and grow with each new twist in the mystery of Pearl the missing girl.

Of course, nothing is what it seems in this movie. Viewers will soon learn you cannot trust your ears anymore than you can trust your eyes when the unforeseen ending presents itself.

Don’t miss The Sound and the Shadow, out now on Digital HD and On Demand.

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