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“Tommy’s Honour” a Must See for Golfers

“Tommy’s Honour” a Must See for Golfers


Whether you are a big fan of all sports or just like a nice drama without all the guts, gore and action then try out Tommy’s Honor a nice film about the beginning of the pastime of Golf. A true story, the film has some nice performances and direction to go along with the cinematic background of Scotland. It’s a fun watch showing the determination of a son in the shadow of his famous father.

It’s the year 1860 and Tom Morris Sr. (Peter Mullen) has been a legend at Scotland’s Golf Club of St. Andrews. Known by everyone who participates in the sport, Tom gets a lot of business as greenkeeper teaching the rich. He’s also known as the founder of the Open Championship and has taken the title many times. His son Tommy (Jack Lowden) has been his caddy and gets tutored regularly by his dad.

Peter Mullan as Tom Morris and Jack Lowden as Tommy Morris in TOMMY’S HONOUR

Not yet ready for the tour, Tommy has been itching to take on distinguished gofers to show his talent. When his father supports him for a chance at a title, Tommy blows away the competition. So begins a story of the challenges Tommy has to face in the shadow of his dad.

Jack Lowden as Tommy Morris in TOMMY’S HONOUR

Director Jason Connery moves his film along showing the accomplishments and personal tragedy. He brings his actors along well depicting characters of the aristocracy and even known greats in the sport. He rolls out his moving story that includes a falling out between him and his parents involving a major illness.

Taking on the role of Tommy the greatest player of the 19th Century and multi times title holder of the Open Championship, Jack Lowden (A United Kingdom) gives a realistic performance. With all the challenges facing the young man, he shows the determination that would make him the youngest major golf champion of all time. A title that young Tom still holds.

Director Jason Connery on the set of TOMMY’S HONOUR

As the golf master and designer of nearly 70 golf courses, Peter Mullen (War Horse) plays Tom Sr. in this very compelling film that should be the delight of avid golfers. When we meet him he has already won more championships than any of the popular golfers of today in their lifetimes. In fact he’s still the eldest to have won an Open Championship at the age of 46.

Tommy’s Honour has been rated PG by the MPAA with no offensive material. The film was made in Scotland with some awesome cinematography of the landscapes. Stay for the credits and you’ll see aged footage of Tom and Tommy along with the original Golf Club of St. Andrews. Many renowned players have won the tournament including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Sam Sneed. The Open Championship is also known as the British Open when they play it at St. Andrews.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A very good film and a must see for avid golfers. (3.5 of 5 stars)

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Peter Mullan, Jack Lowden, Ophelia Lovibond and Sam Neill
Directed by: Jason Connery
Genre: Drama, Golf, Sports, Foreign
MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 1 hr. 52 min.
Release Date: April 14, 2017
Distributed by: Roadside Attractions

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