Trendy Without Trying – Spring 2012 Fashion

Thanks to the recent addition of degrees to months of cold temperatures, it is finally time to subtract those pesky scarves and winter hats. Let the spring fashion trends blossom and bring color to our lives along with those highly anticipated flowers. Many naïve readers of editorial fashion magazines are quick to dismiss the styles reported, claiming it is highly unrealistic for us commoners to sport gilded platforms, cellophane trenches and electric blue lipstick.

It is much too easy to take the avant-garde fashion spreads literally, instead of recognizing the basic outlines and trends our beloved editors are trying to convey. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of flipping through a stack of my favorite glossy mags, and have provided a translation of this upcoming season’s most coveted style trends.

Much like our surroundings, florals are in bloom. From denim pants to silky blouses — flowers are popping up everywhere. No surface is spared from arrays of patterns with every color palette, either muted or vivid — all are utilized by designers. Color-blocking is another craze which made a comeback last year, but is in full swing in 2012. Stark contrasts between adjacent colors provide an appealing and eye-catching look, good for everything from shift dresses to clutches.

I also noticed fun and flirty 50s and 60s silhouettes re-emerging into the fashion scene. I don’t mean styles that channel gender roles from antiquity or “Rosie the Riveter”. I am referring to styles more along the lines of peplum jackets and A-line skirts that sit on your natural waist, both of which prove to be much more flattering. These pieces should be paired with pointed-toe mules (check out Louis Vuitton’s design and scope out a pair for a fraction of the price) and a perfectly coifed hair-do (made complete by your favorite headband). Of course, simple black and white prints exude class and sophistication, depending on the use. Monochromatic prints, especially stripes, will almost assuredly never go out of style.

There are also sumptuous shades that are sure to get you noticed. Adopt a wardrobe riddled with pretty pastels. Mint green seems to be the favorite, not only among high-end designers, but also at more affordable locations. Layering a mint green blazer over a white or black dress may be the best decision your closet has witnessed in a long time. If you’re not a huge fan of Easter-egg hues, try the official color of the year, announced in January — Tangerine. Regardless of your skin tone or hair color, this orange update could give you the energy and self-esteem boost you need.

Final assessment? Don’t let loud colors or pervasive prints intimidate you this spring. Be the trendsetter you’ve always admired, and keep in mind, one doesn’t need to shop on Rodeo Drive to have killer style. And remember- confidence is the best accessory.

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