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Trumptastic Challenge to Rule them All #TrumpYourCat

Mashable is doing a Trumptastic challenge with its #TrumpYourCat campaign. By using your cat’s grooming against him, you can bring your cat one step closer to becoming a billionaire who says things maybe he shouldn’t … Do the do and rule them all …

Want to participate in this catty game of comb and hair? Just comb some of your cat’s extra hair into a toupee-like shape and place it on your cat’s head. Then tweet using the hashtag #TrumpYourCat.

Undoubtedly, your cuddly ball of fur will start to have strong things to say about immigration, the lack of fresh water in his bowl and the fact that you just don’t clean out his poopy box enough to suit him anymore. My how things have gone down hill human.

People are already contributing to this campaign online: 

Of course Sammy wanted to participate in #TrumpYourCat @maddow

— Jenny Schumacher (@cubsgirl23) July 11, 2015

I tried to take the challenge with my master in fur, but he was having none of that… “I can rule without the damn hair ball,” he says. Yes, he’s already catty…


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