Virtual Reality App in the Form of a Music Video from Squarepusher

After the recent release of Damogen Furies, Squarepusher, Marshmellow Laser Feast, Blue Zoo and Rob Pybus collaborated to bring fans a virtual reality (VR) music video. In order to experience the full glory that is this video, you have to be using a VR headsets, mobile, tablet or YouTube’s new 360 platform.

Squarepush has a long history of exploring new technologies, and this was just the next logical step in their creative endeavors. The music video features their lead track “Stor Eiglass” from their critically acclaimed album Damogen Furies.

If you’d like to experience this virtual music world, you can download the app on both the iOS and Android platforms. If you really want to delve into the experience, Samsung Gear VR users should make sure they nab it from the Oculus store. Google cardboard users can get it on iTunes or Google Play.

If none of those options tickle your fancy, you can see it in action on the YouTube 360 platform above in this very post. Once you begin playing the video you can use your W A S D keys on your keyboard or click on the controls in the top left corner of the video to change perspective directions. It’s not exactly the same as wearing VR goggles while viewing the video … but you get the idea.

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