WATCH Company of Thieves Video for Single ‘Death of Communication’


Company of Thieves have just unveiled the video for their single “Death of Communication” from their recently released album Running From A Gamble (Wind-up Records, May 2011). With myriad costume changes among glitter, balloons and cosmic imagery, Company of Thieves’ vocalist Genevieve Schatz belts out her frustration rather prettily. We love female singers with quirky dance moves and chords so powerful that they blow your eyelids back. Read on and watch the video …

WATCH: “Death of Communication” Official Video by Company of Thieves


Genevieve explains in an interview with AOL that the song

… is about breaking down the wall of someone’s expectations to reveal your true self, only to be ostracized and told to feel or be different so that you fit in, make friends [and] become successful.

You can read the full interview at AOL Music. The band also recently filmed an acoustic version of the song for FILTER , which takes place at Chicago’s Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. They are currently on their headlining June tour which ends this Sunday at Illinois’ Ravinia Festival along with Daryl Hall and John Oates.


Buy Running From A Gamble now on iTunes.

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