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Willie Garson Eats Cake In PERIODS. Films’ Latest Short ‘FOPS’

Willie Garson Eats Cake In PERIODS. Films’ Latest Short ‘FOPS’

Making noise in the land of well produced internet shorts is the acclaimed comedy film series PERIODS., a collection of improv comedy bits primarily based on different eras in human history created and directed by Victor Quinaz.  With a special (and hilarious) guest appearance by White Collar’s Willie Garson, their latest short, awesomely entitled FOPS, represents the best three and a half minutes this gang of hooligans has come up with yet – just in time for Bastille Day this weekend. Keep reading if you like delicious cakes …

FOPS is obviously a sendup of COPS. Only this time the chase involves a couple of gungho peasants (Matt Hobby and Philip Quinaz) hunting down decadent cake and candy inhaling richies armed with nothing but some of that homemade piss and vinegar spray everybody was carrying around back in the days of the French Revolution. There’s even a snitching hillbilly fop (Brian Shoaf) who gladly gives up the head cake-eater (Garson) hiding out in the woodlands .

WATCH FOPS below and take a gander at Garson’s scene-stealing turn as the strung out King getting caught with icing on his lip.


The PERIODS. crew has been doing it and doing it well for a while now, starting with the almost instantly viral PILGRIMS. The series is co-created by Quinaz’s wife Anna Martemucci and usually stars his brother Philip Quinaz, both from whom a large portion of the hilarity originates. Featured in the The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Film Independent, and on Funny or Die, they have quickly become known for taking on serious subjects such as the rich and their problem with cake abuse, Ponce de Leon, pillaging and raping, religion and lesbians, and the classic film Deer Hunter (we feel that NAM is the golden sleeper egg of the entire series). Shot in the style of a reality show with a historical twist, this is done with the kind of deceptively intelligent, slow burning improvised humor that will still resonate a week later when you remember the image of Philip Quinaz stroking his own nipples in the midst of foliage.

If you don’t believe us check out Adam’s (of Adam and Eve) apple ball-gag in RE: CREATION. (The wigs in that are amazing, by the way.) While you’re doing that see what his homey God has to say about … whatever.


Always these shorts are released with some timely relevance. Like with FOPS and Bastille Day. While we’re pretty sure only the French care about this upcoming day (or even know what it is, really) we still have to give the PERIODS. crew props for their ingenious ploy for attention.

Actor Zachary Quinto might have something to do with all the buzz as well. His name is attached to the series as occasional co-star and regular producer with his company Before The Door Pictures in association with Robinson Film, Inc., and Nomadic Films.

There are big things on the horizons for these guys, including a feature film produced by Anonymous Content and Before The Door Pictures that is due out sometime this fall. Quinto will also be in attendance to introduce the PERIODS. short series with Quinaz and Martemucci at the Hollyshorts Film Festival on August 9th.

In the meantime, ‘God’ commands you to go watch all the shorts and subscribe to the PERIODS. Films channel on Youtube for more tomfoolery involving fabulous wigs and costumes with just a skotch of controversy thrown in. All the jokes about a woman’s time of the month aside, we dig the pantaloons out of it. Period.

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