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With Bacon Seaweed, Who Needs Kale?

What, what? Seaweed that tastes like bacon? And… it has even more nutrient goodies in it than kale? No way! Where can I get this?

Scientist Chris Langdon has been working on a seaweed called dulse with a team at OSU for years. This type of dulse was patented in the late 1990s. Langdon and his colleagues originally focused on growing it as food for a type of fish called abalone.

After completing their research, Langdon stated they stopped dealing with the dulse, until this past year. At which point, Langdon was approached about learning more about the seaweed being used for individual meals.

You can actually buy dried dulse at health food stores in the U.S., but the type Langdon worked on isn’t sold commercially yet. Research is still in the beginning stages. To continue on, scientists need a private company to take an interest in it to be able to begin producing it for human consumption widely.

“It’s gonna require private companies to step up to take it to the next level,” he stated. Okay … so, put this puppy on Kickstarter already…

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