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X-Files Season 11 Kicks Things Off With a Truth Most People Don’t Want to Hear

X-Files Season 11 Kicks Things Off With a Truth Most People Don’t Want to Hear

X-files Season 11 opens right where the last episode of season 10 left off. About two minutes in we find out the entire last episode of season 10 was essentially some sort of psychic seizure about what the smoking man (TSM) plans to do in the future. (WARNING SPOILERS.) And what might that be you ask? Why kill everyone on the planet with a crazy, unstoppable alien virus of course! Only the hand-picked, inoculated few shall survive.

mulder and scully in x-filesIn his mind, he is only doing what needs to be done so humans can live on the earth the way they were intended to live on it. There is also a second group of conspirators who intend to survive this eradication of the human race by colonizing space. These guys ask Mulder to kill his father. And of course his father has already plotted Mulder’s death alongside the rest of the unsuspecting world.

While this episode revealed certain truths, or at least the truths the smoking man wants people to believe, it also opened the door to even more questions. TSM has been engineering history, and manipulating lives for decades, so why should we believe anything he says – especially the bit where he blatantly suggests he is actually the father of Scully’s child William, instead of Mulder.

smoking man x-filesThis one part of the episode has inspired intense outrage by certain female fans (?) / viewers, who suggest she was raped by TSM – and insist Chris Carter “admit it”. If you listen to TSM’s actual words, he does not suggest that he “raped” her in the traditional sense (duh). “… with science Mr. Skinner, alien science,” he said.

Those rallying over this one possible truth are making assumptions without knowing what he even means by that statement. First, this is fiction, so people need to stop trying to turn it into an agenda. This is also in line with the same thing that happened to Scully earlier on in the series. I don’t recall any outcries back then. Guess it didn’t fit the agenda back then as much as it does now. This “outrage” actually ties in quite nicely to the very things TSM accuses the human species of in their insipidous heading toward fake news, daily disasters and mindless existences.

The one thing that can be taken away from what he said with certainty is that Scully is the mother of an entirely new, super human race. That’s it. That’s all we really know for certain at this point.

x-files tsm sonEither way, being violated in any such manner is of course terrible no matter what gender you are — no matter what method is used. And if it does in fact turn out to be TSM’s son that will be most unfortunate. It would be nice for Mulder to have one thing that isn’t taken away from him for a change.

Moving on, later in the episode we learn the psychic seizures Scully is having are actually coming from William. I think this will be an interesting twist to explore throughout the rest of the season. One thing I hope they do is lessen the internal monologues of Mulder. They are a little too long, frequent and at times, somewhat lame.

Skinner seems to have morphed back into his old shady self, but who knows what side he is on. They do a great job leaving us hanging on that one. Mulder’s brother from another mother is looking much better after some serious reconstructive surgeries. Being the only person who knows where William is, he becomes a very sought out character by those looking to befoul the smoking man’s plans.

x-files mulder and scullyLuckily, Scully decides to stop looking for William and instead plans to wait for him to find her, convinced he is leading both she and Mulder (his father) on a path to help them save Mulder — and the rest of the world.

As the episode comes to its close, Scully goes on to suggest the answers are in the X-Files … indicating that they will once again start combing through the cases in search of the “greater” truth that has yet to be uncovered. How that will happen exactly I am unsure, but I am sure someone will make it happen in some way during the next episode … like Skinner maybe? And thus, the X-Files begin anew … for one last season.

Episode two of the X-Files season 11 airs this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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