“Blood Child” Evil this Way Comes

A little contrived, but still a good flick the movie Blood Child arrives on VOD and Digital HD for home viewers. The horror movie lines up with a long list of films appearing on various venues for lovers of the genre in this month and especially October. The production quality of Blood Child is very good especially the make-up and props that even without CGI look real and in some cases frightening.

Traveling for his company in Asia, Bill (Biden Hall) and his wife Ashley (Alyx Melone) have hit a road bump when she has a miscarriage in Singapore. Returning home with Siti (Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie), a citizen of that modern city and follower of the occult, she will work as their housemaid and Ashley’s caregiver. Still forlorn with her loss, Ashley cannot seem to come to grips with losing her child. Her best friend Naomi (Charlotte Cattell) has been trying to cheer Ashley up and has made some headway. Bill on the other hand has been trying to please his wife, but between work and late hours, he feels he’s losing the battle.

Bill (Biden Hall), Siti (Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie) and Renee (Lisa Kovack) in BLOOD CHILD

But, through a stroke of luck Ashley finds out she is going to have another baby. Thrilled, her mother (Lisa Kovack) comes to visit her and sets up residence to help. When she and others start seeing the ghostly images of a young girl dressed in red, things start to get very evil.

Ashley (Alyx Melone) and Siti (Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie) in BLOOD CHILD

Director and writer Jennifer Phillips does a good job of creating her characters in the movie. She starts with an disturbing situation and builds as each new character is added to the mix. Using some nice creepy music, a number of quick flashes of evil characters and putting her lead character in peril, it’s a nice set-up for terror.

Ashley (Alyx Melone) Anna- the girl in red in BLOOD CHILD

The support acting in the film really rallies around the main star, Alyx Melone. She has the job of convincing the audience that Ashley is completely unaware of the evil that’s about to be put upon everyone. Together the cast adds the elements of surprise, diversion, and panic that make the story work. However, the script should give diehard fans a feeling of Déjà vu because it feels a little like Rosemary’s Baby with a smidgen of The Ring and The Seventh Sign. It’s an average thriller, but a very good effort in this year’s very crowded fear peddling market.

Blood Child has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains violence, bloody images, language, guts and gore. Now available on VOD all major platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, in Demand, Dish and more.

FINAL ANALYSIS: Enjoyable for die hard Horror fans. (2.5 out of 5 Stars)

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Alyx Melone, Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Biden Hall, Lisa Kovack, Charlotte Cattell 
Directed and written by: Jennifer Phillips
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
MPAA Rating: Not Rated, contains
Running Time: 1 hr. 33 min.
Opening Date: September 2018
Distributed by: Random Media
Released in: VOD all major platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, in Demand, Dish and more.

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