Broken Spokes

A captivating graphic memoir that tugs at your heartstrings

Nancy Macri’s powerful graphic novel explores the life of Shirley Walker, one of six children born to a Great Depression family on Christmas Day 1929. She was a dedicated mother and nurse who struggled to raise five children of her own.


The novel is simply illustrated and written essentially from a child/teen’s point of view. Macri delves into the remarkable life of her mother, Shirley Walker, in a captivating graphic memoir. As a divorced nurse, Shirley’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and her commitment to providing a better life for her family. The poignant and authentic memoir explores the challenges faced by a single mother during that era, shedding light on the difficult decisions she made in her quest for a brighter future for her kids. Despite the hardships, Shirley’s love and resilience shine through as she navigates the complexities of life with grace and optimism.

The heartbreaking story is filled with pathos sprinkled with humor. Through Macri’s evocative illustrations and heartfelt storytelling, “Broken Spokes” is a powerful tribute to Shirley’s enduring spirit and the profound impact she had on her family. Macri’s memoir will leave readers smiling one moment and shedding a tear the next, as it reveals a mother’s love for her family and the resilience of the human spirit.

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