It’s a lot of fun, but This Means War spins out of control at times and the romance gets sidetracked for some awesome spy thrills. I like the acting by the trio of leads and directing by McG isn’t too bad either. If you are woman looking for a romantic night for Valentines Day, however, your date better be a macho man.

It seems like ages since a movie featuring a good cunning tale unraveled on the big screen and I’m happy to say Thin Ice fits the bill. A smartly written well-acted story with so many twists and turns I found myself wondering, “How did I not see that coming”? It’s a deceiving, manipulative and funny film played out in a quick tempo that kept me spellbound throughout.

It’ not often enough that we can get reminded in film of some of the more dismal times from the past, especially those that show ‘man’s inhumanity to man.’ This happens to be the case of La Rafle (The Round-Up) a French film that captures a period in history covering the cruel extermination of a helpless people, including children in the 1941-45 France. The movie has a sorrowful tone that resonates throughout yet a must see to remind us that the world we live in is so fragile.

If you like your movies with constant action from beginning to end, then go and check out Safe House, a thrill a minute. As a matter of fact, Ryan Reynolds has successfully crossed the line between comedy and drama with a performance like he has never delivered. If all of a sudden you get an epiphany on where the film’s going, not to worry, the predictability even has some enjoyable twists and turns.

This action adventure aims for the 9 to 12 age group and nails it on the head. Fueled with wondrous scenes of a quest filled journey and combined with a LOT of 3D special effects, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island should do okay at the box-office. Having Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t hurt either, as they are both very popular with the Tweens and Teens.

Brilliantly written, cunningly directed and very disturbing Shame gives a fly on the wall view of eroticism. What makes this film a work of art however, comes with the fine acting by Fassbender and Carey Mulligan who give performances worthy of an Oscar.