“Filmmakers for the Prosecution” Revenge or Retribution

The most devastating war, which involved the killing atrocities by an egomaniac, was Adolph Hitler’s World War II. So diabolical, he even had his slaughters filmed. What was he going to do with his movie reels of emaciated, starved, beaten and murdered victims had he lived through his demented dream? Little did he know, that it would be those films that would be the evidence needed to convict his loyal followers, the German Nazi leaders of The Third Reich.

While the Filmmakers for the Prosecution is awfully hard to watch, the films that were captured and refurbished have more meaning than just evidence of Hitler’s crimes against humanity, but a lesson for the world. Seeing filmed evidence for oneself, that even the naysayers thought impossible, expresses the finality of 12 years of war in Europe with a huge exclamation point.

A scene that was shot by the Germans to show unity for even the young. FILMMAKERS FOR TH PROSECUTION

Filmmakers for the Prosecution shows the search for what was believed to be the treasure trove of movie reels shot by German photographers. It then goes on to the final days of the Nuremburg Germany Trials that became the noose for most all of the Nazi party leaders. The film runs about sixty minutes, but even though that is short, it’s about all one can take for most viewers. The film is not for the squeamish or easily stressed, but it should be seen by all, even if you have to turn away from the screen at times.

American Cinematographers work on making German film usable for the trials. FILMMAKERS FOR THE PROSECUTION

Filmmakers for the Prosecution has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains very disturbing images, atrocities and some war violence. Search out a theater that may be showing the film or see it when it may become available on home video. Either way, spare your immature children from the disturbing images.

Additional Film Information:
Directed By: Jean-Christophe Klotz
Genre: Documentary
MPAA Rating: Not Rated, contains disturbing images, war violence
Running Time: 60 min
Opening Date: February 3, 2023
Distributed by: Kino Lober
Released in: Select Theaters

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