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  • “Killing Hasselhoff” Playing the Odds

    “Killing Hasselhoff” Playing the Odds0

    When it comes to David Hasselhoff in a movie you can bet he’s at the top of his ego.  Even with a title like Killing Hasselhoff he steals the show in every scene he appears and sometimes with just a smile or a frown.  Now out on DVD the movie has a long list of

  • “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” Getting to the Court on Time

    “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” Getting to the Court on Time0

    Totally hilarious The Hitman’s Bodyguard turns into a wild ride early on in this action comedy “odd couple” movie. The script may give you a bit of déjà vu, but it’s well worth the laughs and thrills. Certainly a nice cap to a “dinner and a movie”, as Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are

  • “Shot Caller” a Gutsy Crime Flick

    “Shot Caller” a Gutsy Crime Flick0

    Hard-hitting and brutal, the movie Shot Caller shows how far a man will go to make it in prison and come out alive. Filmed with a passionate desire to show the danger, violence, torture and ruthlessness, Director Ric Roman Waugh hits the film on all four cylinders. If you like a gut-wrenching movie with realistic

  • “Annabelle: Creation” Avoid the Doll

    “Annabelle: Creation” Avoid the Doll0

    Review by Brent Lorentson   Following the success of The Conjuring, it’s no surprise that sequels would follow, but I have to admit seeing an Annabelle film as one of them is a bit unexpected. While The Conjuring was based on true events (as true as one may or may not wish to believe in

  • “Kidnap” Never Underestimate a Mother’s Love

    “Kidnap” Never Underestimate a Mother’s Love0

    Turning the tables on a kidnapper can be a tough proposition even for the most experienced FBI men, but as the film Kidnap shows, do not underestimate a woman obsessed. It’s one of the most terrifying films this year and Halle Barry makes the movie work from the moment you see her on screen until

  • “A Ghost Story” A Disturbing Vision of Death

    “A Ghost Story” A Disturbing Vision of Death0

    It’s difficult to be original and innovative when it comes to tackling a haunted house film. Ghost stories have been around for ages and told just about every way you can imagine. So what do you do to give the audience something they have never seen before? After coming back from directing Pete’s Dragon, writer/director