Now out on DVD/Blu-ray a gut wrenching film called The Son of No One starring Channing Tatum, Al Pacino and up and coming star Jake Cherry. The movie takes on a different look than when it was released in the movie theatre and that’s for the better. Being on DVD has it’s advantages in that I was able to switch on the subtitles during the more aggressive parts to catch all the dialog and rewinding helps to keep the many characters in order.

It’s not every film that you find one of the most beautiful women in the world performing for you on Blu-ray. Catherine Zeta-Jones in my estimation is by far the epitome of grace, charm, emotion and elegance and in The Rebound you’ll see why. Now available in time for Valentines Day at stores and for rent, the crafty little romance flick makes use of the amazing actress to corner your heart, capture your inner romantic and satisfy the longing of immeasurable entertainment.