“Longevity” A Tracie Long Workout

Tracie Long during workout in Step Forward

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Tracie Long has released a new series of fitness on DVD.  It’s called “Longevity” and the three DVD release includes the titles Step Forward, Defining Shape and Staying Power. In her original series called “The Firm” there’s 15 training films teaching how to get fit, she showed women how to achieve and keep their fitness health. (We recently reviewed her series called “Focus” that concentrate on getting the body toned and keeping it fit.) In this new series it’s all about endurance for good health.

Tracie Long is a certified fitness trainer and one of the most sought after instructors in America. While I do not fit into the target audience, I feel that anyone who has the stamina to work out with Tracie Long will get a lot out of her work out.  The three DVD’s are very comprehensive and Traci does bring those using the workout along with helpful hints and a good deal of compassion and understanding.

Her “Step Forward” DVD is designed to work on the leg muscles from toes to thighs with an extensive workout that lasts over 50 minutes.  Her system builds the legs to your desired look and condition. It includes 2 custom chapters: Total Body Tag A-Long lasting 15 minutes; a major muscle body weight workout plus abs and strength training. The second chapter is a 15 minute quick cardio boost for a cardio warm-up.

Tracie Long during workout in Step Forward
Tracie Long during workout in Step Forward

In this series Tracie Long works to ignite your calorie burning power and “Define your Shape” with 50 minutes of high energy and total body strength workouts. Tracie shows you how to tone your body using traditional strength training exercises that combine upper and lower body movement to increase strength, create lean muscles, and burn more calories than isolated muscle training alone. This DVD also contains 2 custom chapters: Below the Belt a 15 minute workout that heats up and slims down the stubborn hip and butt muscles. Hour Glass is a 20 minute waste trimming exercise that sculpts the trunk and hip muscles.

In DVD three called “Staying Power” Tracie Long uses medicine ball cardio and weight condition to keep the heart pumping while working on getting shoulders shapely and toned.  The 50 minute exercise routine works on hips, butt and inner and outer thighs in this video.  There are three custom chapters that are included on this disk. Go Strapless works on the chest area for 22 minutes to burn excess fat tissue; Lean not Mean gets the heart rate elevated in a 12 minute workout using upper and lower body movements; and Belly, Bust, and Butt works on all the right places for 12 minutes toward a trim figure.

Specifications and additional film information:
Cast: Tracie Long
MPAA Rating: Unrated, No offensive material
Genre: health, Fitness
Running Time: Step Forward 80 min, Defining Shaping 85 min, Staying Power 96 min    
Video Release Date: December 3, 2013
Language: English
Format: DVD
Audio: Dolby Digital
Video: Widescreen Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Number of Discs: 1 Disc per box (3 separately purchased DVDs)
Distributed by: Shelter Island

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