Teen View “Paddington 2” a Fun Family Film

London’s favorite bear “Paddington” is springing excitement all around the world with this fun sequel. It’s not only favored by young children, but also the whole family. Paddington 2 is a character that we all can relate to from tots to teens and beyond. The story follows the bear’s ups and downs and has some cool twisting and turning points that make it exciting.

The original “Paddington Bear” was a TV show in England from 1976-1993. Movie producers and animators have come a long way since then developing the character. In this sequel of Paddington, he really comes to life and makes you feel fascinated and peaceful. Not only is the CGI good, but the emotions you experience really pulls you out of your chair and grabs your attention. The animation work here is astonishing with lifelike features and movements that look real. The voice cast for Paddington and his grandmother could not have been any better.


HUGH BONNEVILLE as Henry Brown in the family adventure PADDINGTON 2,

This movie has many different sensations that change throughout the film. Those that have seen the first movie know that Paddington is incredibly well-mannered and wants to please everyone he meets. Paddington’s new story begins with a homeless cub floating down a river in need of help. Luckily Aunt Lucy (Imelda Staunton) and Uncle Pastuzo (Michael Gambon) are there to rescue the little cub and they name him Paddington (Ben Whishaw). He grows up in their family, falls in love with them and finds out what he loves most, Marmalade.
His new family is made up of nice people: Father Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville), mother Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins), his brother Jonathan Brown (Samuel Joslin), and Sister Judy Brown (Madeleine Harris). The Browns also have a household helper named Mrs. Bird (Julie Walters).


Aunt Lucy voiced by IMELDA STAUNTON and Paddington voiced by BEN WHISHAW in the family adventure PADDINGTON 2

Aunt Lucy’s birthday is coming and Paddington wants to get her the best present he can find. Knowing his aunt very well, he sets off to find an amazing present. He proceeds to his favorite place in London called Gruber’s antique store. There he finds the perfect present. Since Lucy has always wanted to see all the sites of London, Paddington decides on a special book made just for her.


Paddington voiced by BEN WHISHAW in the family adventure PADDINGTON 2

Now things are not all that good with Paddington as there are people that do not like him. As you may know Paddington is a very polite bear who can get along with anyone. But as for some people, they want to ruin Paddington. One of the people, Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant), does not like him and has falsely accused him of stealing a very valuable book. But without the evidence to prove that Paddington is innocent, he gets sent to jail. Thus begins his journey to be released from jail and returned to those who love him most.

All the situations that Paddington goes through in this movie teaches a lesson. For example: while he’s in jail, he makes the best of his stay by being positive and spreads his joyful spirit to all the felons. Another way is his ability to make it through a tough situation leading to his trust in family and friends. It gives Paddington hope and the desire to become a free bear. But the most important lesson that the movie teaches us involves the following quote by Paddington. “If we are all kind and polite, the world will be right.” This quote applies to our daily routine and can and should be carried on in real life.

Paddington 2 has been rated PG for action and some mild rude humor. This film is a great movie for the whole family. As a teen I found it very reassuring that family is above all the most important thing. If you’re looking for a happy “feel good movie” this will be a great one.

Paddington 2 has started our new movie year on a great note. (4.5 of 5 stars)