Cop Car, an Incredibly Twisted Tale

COP CAR boxart



An exciting little film with a lot of drama from an enjoyable cast Cop Car stands toe to toe with the outstanding Indies released this year. At first I thought that it was another episode of “Fargo” with that kind of sick humor, but on its own the movie plays with surprising spirit that sometimes overshadows the hit TV show. Nicely written and excellent direction, if you like movies that get more twisted as they play out, then Cop Car’s for you. Now on Blu-ray and DVD for home viewing. Read more

Pawn Sacrifice, Tense and Powerful

PAWN poster


One of the tensest films this year Pawn Sacrifice takes the prize for egoism, stare downs, insanity and arrogance. Although the acting in the film far outweighs any drama I’ve seen this year, it’s really not enough reason to see the biography of a man who single handedly faced off against a superpower using the game of chess. Only if you have an IQ of over 121 would you even care how the game is played or what move wins, the filmmakers want you to feel the pressure and the madness of it all. It’s not all about the game you see, but the man and his quest. Read more

The Second Mother, Heartfelt and Charming



Told from the point of view of writer and director Anna Muylaert the movie The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta?) shows the heartrending plight of a woman who gives up personal happiness for her daughter. Now in select theaters in America the movie shows the lengths a mother will go just to provide a modest life for their child. Fascinating yet compassionate the fictional light drama mirrors a good portion of real life in Brazil. The film won the “Audience Award” at the Berlin Film Festival. Read more

The New Girlfriend, Titillating and Provocative



Captivating and compelling the film The New Girlfriend opens this weekend at select theaters around the nation. Filled with surprises that reveal an alternate lifestyle the movie can be as much challenging as it is acceptable reality. Although it may be a bit cliched and predictable, it still entertains with a story that’s both titillating and provocative. Read more

The Journey Home, a Thrilling Family Adventure



A very cool film for older kids that has a lot of adventure and a nature theme comes to DVD. It’s called The Journey Home (originally Midnight Sun when it was in theaters) and features a very good performance by Dakota Goyo. In conjunction with an equally good acting bear cub named Nanuk and his bear trainers Kyle Doig and Dawn Dumas the movie plays out featuring a good bit of movie magic. It’s a good film for the whole family that shows well under the guidance of a parent. The cinematography of the Canadian wilderness gets kudos as well. The film opens with a quick animation presentation by the World Wildlife Federation to set the tone. Read more

Monkey Kingdom, A Romp in the Jungle with Primates




Going into the jungle of Shri Lanka, Disneynature captures the emotional,  fun loving and complicated world of Monkey Kingdom. Now on Blu-ray and DVD the excellently written and narrated the film is a treat for families and nature lovers. If you are a follower of Disneynature then you know what you are in for, a complete visual live documentary of the subject matter and a fun romp around the habitat of primates. It’s a family event and a chance to view it with your youngsters for a learning experience they will never forget.

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Black Mass a Disturbing True Story



A very violent and disturbing true story Black Mass takes you into the world of one of Boston’s infamous criminals James “Whitey” Bulger. Played out superbly by Johnny Depp as Bulger and for his performance alone this film should not be missed. Well-acted by a superior support cast and directed by Scott Cooper the movie should be considered for the short list of Oscar contenders. While the story gets very brutal and alarming, there’s no other way to tell it. Read more

Everest, Challenging a Slippery Slope




The breathtaking beauty and the intense visuals combine to give you the thriller Everest, in IMAX. The movie tells the true story of climbers trying to reach the highest point on Earth above sea level and the tragedy that encompasses their dissent. Amazingly photographed, the movie is an artistic production of thrills and chills. Although the heartrending story provides the drama for the film, it’s the mountain and the climb that delivers the punch. Read more

Cinderella Dances onto Blu-ray



Every child and the child within you, especially females teens on up, will feel the romance and the special family values within Cinderella.  The live action feature now on Blu-ray and DVD turns the original animated movie into a spectacular home entertainment show with a perfect cast and pin point direction by Kenneth Branagh. And there’s enough comedy and adventure to treat the boys as well.  What’s missing however, are the songs that made the original animated version back in the 1950’s memorable.  There is very little opportunity for toe tapping and humming that we’ve come to expect from a Disney film. Read more

Disney Short Film Collection includes Oscar Winner






The Walt Disney Company has released a collection of animated shorts on Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack. The twelve cartoon features are some of the top selections from their Animation Studio and includes 2015’s Oscar Winner. They are family friendly, comical, heartfelt as well as inspirational and informative. Some were never released in theaters and each has a personality all its own. This collection has some of the better productions ever put together for home viewing. Read more

Pitch Perfect 2 Enters on a High Note



Swinging into Pitch Perfect 2, the very funny and uplifting musical offers a good time for the over 13 crowd and it’s now on Blu-ray and DVD. The whole cast is returning from the first episode and they are in a battle to keep their legacy intact. You’ll be treated to the antics of your favorites from last year and a group of new characters who will rock the house. Jam packed with special features, other than Disney releases no other studio gives home viewers this many extras on Blu-ray.  Available for home viewing on September 22. Read more

Aquarius, Revisiting Evil and Free Love



David Duchovny pulls off an exceptional performance in  TV’s “Aquarius”. The first season of the series, now on Blu-ray in an unrated version, is loosely based on Charles Mansion prior to the murders of the La Bianca’s and Sharon Tate. The show introduces events that led up to the discovery of Mansion’s commune, the investigation, prostitution and how he established his following. Support actors are exceptionally good and the fast paced script plays out nicely without interruptions or cut-away. Read more

Meru, Real and Gutwrenching

MERU poster 1


Sliding into a release slot the film Meru, a breathtaking mountain climbing documentary, takes center stage only 14 days before the opening of the movie Everest. The exciting action adventure uses cameras to record the actual events that took place in attempts to scale the over 4 miles high virgin peak of Meru in Gharwal Himalayas. Many experienced mountaineers tried to reach the summit called “Shark Fin”, but failed. Filmed in real time this is the true story of three determined climbers who just wouldn’t let the mountain defeat them.

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The Dempsey Sisters, a TV Melodrama

The low budget indie film The Dempsey Sisters has come to DVD with a story of getting one’s life on track and bonding for friendship. The film gets very predictable after the first ten minutes and then settles down for an average bit of fun and entertainment. It would have been a lot better if more songs were used in the production, especially with this exceptional cast noted for their musical talent. Read more