American Murderer, You Should Be Ashamed

There’s more than just horror to choose from this Halloween.  American Murderer will be a welcomed flick by those who shy away from “scary” movies. Instead you can trade the otherworldly tales for a more action-packed cat and mouse thriller.

Based on a true story, this riveting thriller follows Jason Derek Brown (Tom Pelphrey), a charismatic con man bankrolling his extravagant lifestyle through a series of scams. On Brown’s trail: Lance Leising (Ryan Phillippe), a dogged FBI special agent determined to put Brown behind bars.

When Brown’s funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet, pitting himself against Leising in a deadly game  — and becoming the most unlikely and elusive fugitive on the FBI’s most-wanted list. Available on DVD

Check out the featured clip from the film below:

DIRECTED & WRITTEN BY: Matthew Gentile

STARRING: Tom Pelphrey, Ryan Phillippe, Idina Menzel, and Jacki Weaver

RUN TIME: 104 minutes

RATING: Rated R for pervasive language, drug use, some sexual content/nudity and violence.

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

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