Dark Sci-Fi Thriller, Deborah

Have you ever wanted a redo? You know, maybe to take back what you said after you said something really stupid… or what you did if you did something really stupid… Deborah can help you with that. But be careful, there are consequences to using her time management services…


During a weekend-long engagement party, a group of childhood friends discovers a seemingly harmless AI device that allows them to manipulate time in small increments. As the weekend goes on, everyone in the house starts exploiting the device to say and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do – settling old scores and indulging in their worst behavior – since they can immediately rewind and take them back without consequence. But the time rewinds leave emotional scars and the more the device is used, the more the tension builds – until everything comes to a head.

Written & Directed by: Noga Pnueli (Meet Cute)
Starring: Sophia Bush (“Love, Victor,” “Chicago PD”), Deborah Ann Woll (Escape Room, “Daredevil”), Scott Michael Foster (“You,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”)
Kevin Bigley (“Undone,” “Upload”), Arjun Gupta (“The Magicians,” “How to Get Away with Murder”), Ciara Renée (“Evil,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”), Michael Waller (Come As You Are)

Deborah is available for digital streaming on November 1, 2022.

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