“MY SAILOR, MY LOVE” An Afternoon Delight

My Sailor, My Love, Photos courtesy of Music Box Films


A touching and surprisingly compelling movie My Sailor, My Love is now on DVD and Digital. The film has a few twists and a surprise ending as it works off some complicating issues that involve family. It’s a perfect afternoon watch when that rainy or snowy day keeps you inside.

My Sailor, My Love, Photos courtesy of Music Box Films

Elderly ex-sailor Howard (James Cosmo) has been pining for the loss of his wife and the awkward reasons for her untimely death. Living alone and finicky, he deals with his daughter Grace (Catherine Walker) who makes sure he has control of his daily routine. Finding Howard has been struggling with his everyday care, she hires Annie (Bríd Brennan), a housemaid. When his attitude interferes with Annie’s ability to provide for him, she finds herself questioning whether she should continue.

Annie’s charming ways, along with some of her loving grandchildren, start to turn the tide. Director Klaus Haro does a very good job of spinning the tale and provides some excellent locations, cinematography and sets notably commensurate with Ireland where the film was made. He moves the film along at a very nice pace so home viewing distractions should not become a bother.

My Sailor, My Love, Photos courtesy of Music Box Films

The film has not been rated, but the target audience is defiantly adult ladies who not only get a great film, but see a lot of the Irish coast to dream about. Available on DVD and Prime Video, there are bonus features that include “The Last Great Love Song”.

Additional Film Information:
Cast: James Cosmo, Catherine Walker, Bríd Brennan,
Directed by: Klaus Haro
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Running Time: 1 hr. 43 min.
Opening Date: January 30, 2024
Distributed by: Music Box Films
Released in: DVD

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