“THE HIDING PLACE” a Powerful Film

The Hiding Place from Trafalgar Releasing

Am era involving tough love, the movie The Hiding Place, adapted from a stage play by the same title, will be shown in theaters on August 3rd and August 5th only. The special film has at its heart the offer of faith, hope, love and forgiveness. Set during World War II, it’s told by Corrie Ten Boom who had lived the ordeal and the only survivor of her Christian family.

It’s the late 1930’s and we find the Ten Boom’s living in Holland as the war in Europe is set to escalate into their country. Having escaped the war around them with neighbors Poland and Belgium already invaded, the country is getting nervous due to the many Jews that are escaping Germany for other countries including theirs.

The Hiding Place from Trafalgar Releasing.

The Ten Boom’s own a watch store, both selling and fixing is their expertise. The widowed Papa who has been a mainstay to the community has a son Casper (John Schuck) and two daughters Corrie (Nan Arnold Gurley) and Betsie (Carrie Tillis). The two daughters work the store and keep house in the other rooms that are part of the building. But it’s not long before they are visited by the Nazis Gestapo with orders to Papa to identify any Jews that come to them for any reason.

But, their friend Pickwick (Nathanial McIntire) has made a serious request. He would like the Ten Boom’s to hide escaping Jews to be quartered in their home as a stop over to their final destination. It’s a dire request, but Papa will honor it. Director Laura Matula uses the theatre sets where the drama has been playing to bring it to the big screen. Amazingly, after a very short while you forget it’s a stage play and it becomes a powerful film that shows how this one family takes the risk and gives their all to help those who are being persecuted.

The Hiding Place from Trafalgar Releasing.

The true story is brilliant and delivers important messages along with some of the best acting I’ve seen on film and stage. The whole cast pulls together giving performances that evoke many feelings including anger, sorrow, faith and forgiveness. Topping the show, Nan Arnold Gurley expertly delivers a strong character that should keep audiences captivated to the very end.

The film has not been rated but does contain some violence and language. For those who like something different in a drama or if you have not seen the stage play, I give The Hiding Place 5 out of 5 stars. The film was made for cinema audiences in Nashville, Tennessee.

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Nan Arnold Gurley, Carrie Tillis, John Schuck, Nathanial McIntire
Adapted for the stage by: A.S. Peterson
Directed by: Laura Matula
Genre: Drama, Play to Screen
MPAA Rating: Not rated. Contains some violence, language
Running Time: 2 hrs. 33 min.
Opening Date: August 3 & 5 only
Distributed by: Trafalgar Releasing
Released in: Theaters only on August 3rd and August 5th 2023

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